Time has changed.. yes it really does.. No mattter how reluctant we are in letting it move, time still move on Tomorrow become present and present ended up nothing but memories... Time steal from you what you thought was yours and replace it with something else, something new Sometimes those things are not what u expected, and all you could do is keep on waiting for time to replace it with somethinng else While some other times, you may be lucky and get those things you want to keep forever. But then soon you realize that time still does her work, with or without your consent, she will take from you what you have and replace it with something else And it is not until you learn the true nature of time, that you will hold dear what you have in your hands, that you will accept the bad cards and know it will pass, and that you will treasure the good cards knowing that they, too, will pass. Those who knows the meaning of love may know the world's greatest beauty and those who knows the meaning of peace may know the world's greatest happiness. But only those who knows the meaning of time ans her works will know the world's greatest treasure. For time make us act before days run out, make us give while we still have the chance, make us laugh for the world is in motion, make us dream of what has passed and what's to come. And above all, time make us hope. Cause unless she stop working, something to which we all know she never does, soon tomorrow will become today and today nothing but yet another piece of memories. So how have you treasured your time today?


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